Request for Submissions – “M” Word

An Exhibition created, composed of and installed by women*

As Women, we are often defined by our role as mother regardless of our decision, preference or ability to become one.  This exhibition seeks to explore the topic of motherhood from the perspective of women.  For some, “motherhood” is a trigger for pain and anxiety while for others it is a positive experience or goal.  In order to free ourselves from societal stigmas and pressure we must initiate a dialogue in our community.  This project is a catalyst for thought, open to go in many directions.

Request for Submissions,  Spring Exhibition at UCSD

Including but not limited to:



Performance: dance, music, spoken word…


Short Film

*The term “women” includes bio-women, trans-women and all women who are woman-identified as well as our transgender brothers who have experiences as women or with motherhood.

**Please contact Aimee Harlib: aharlib@ucsd.ed for further details.  All submissions are required by March 1st, 2010.  The Event date is May 4th, 2010 and the location: TBA

***please be aware that this is a one evening event which may limit installation/de-installation times.

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