Active Living Research Database

Active Living Research is a grant funded project combining public health, environment,  & policy with urban planing.   It has a particular  interest in reversing the rise of childhood obesity.

Among the many tools available at their web site is a hand-curated database of articles.  The database, Active Living Research Literature or ALR,  is populated with articles found in multiple resources (e.g., PubMed, Web of Science, SPORTDiscus) providing one-stop searching for articles in this cross-discipline area.

The focus of the collection is research that looks at  “the relationship between environment and policy with physical activity and obesity.”  The database offers some very helpful ways to structure your search, not only by the typical author, title, journal, and type of study, but also by geographic locations, population characteristics, type of environmental assessment, or type of physical activity measurement.

Check out ALR.

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