Bib-what? More citation management tools than ever!

EndNote. RefWorks. CiteULike. Zotero.  Biblioscape. WikIndx.  Who can keep it all straight?  Wikipedia, that’s who!  Their article on comparison of citation management tools really lays out the current landscape on these tools very well including commercial, free, and open-source, desktop-based, server-based and web-based tools.  It offers charts on how they stack up on integration with word processors, supported platforms, import and export capabilities, citation styles and more.  Very, very useful!

A new player that’s been sending out publicity and is not yet on the Wikipedia charts is WizFolio.  We’ve only taken a very quick look at it so far, but it claims to offer a lot of the features of our existing Web-based tools like RefWorks and EndNote Web, but also includes PDF upload.  If you decide to try this, please take a close look at the Terms of Use specifically with respect to granting the company reuse rights to any of your own materials you decide to upload.

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On January 1, 2009, 7:22 AM Casey Chan MD said:

Perhaps I can clarify about “granting the company reuse rights to any of your own materials you decide to upload.” WizFolio provides online storage space (Folders) for users to upload their Materials. Except for basic bibliographic data pertaining to user’s own publications, the materials inside user’s designated Folder are under the control of the user. Users decide whom they wish to share their content inside his designated Folder.
The granting of reuse rights to company of Content relates to posting of Materials outside of the designated Folder. Areas outside of user’s own designated Folder for example would include WizFolio’s blog, comment sections, group discussion forum etc. Just like in many social networking sites, we would like to reuse comments, photos and other materials posted by users outside of their designated Folder. Only with such provisions can we hope to build a useful and vibrant academic networking site. This is the ultimate objective of WizFolio. In the meantime we are highly focused on building a useful and compelling tool for journal reference management. Please do not hesitate to contact me for clarification at

Casey Chan MD (CEO)

On February 5, 2009, 3:23 AM jeims said:

very good

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