New Display in Library Lobby

Check out the video display of moving 3-D macromolecular structures from the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics, Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB). A worldwide repository for X-Ray crystal structures of large biomolecules, the PDB currently contains 41,000 structures with over 100 new structures added weekly. The PDB database is freely available to the public at

This video display, created by Jeff Milton of the PDB laboratory, UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is on loan to the Biomedical Library until June 30. In addition to viewing the video images, you can pick up handouts with more information about the structures on display and about the PDB itself. To contact the RCSB PDB, send email to

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Presentation Practice Room Now Open!

The Biomedical Library now has a room equipped for you to practice your oral presentations! The room has a lectern, projector and computer equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint as well as a timer/stopwatch software program to help you with timing. You can also connect your own laptop to the projector if your laptop has a video-out port.

The room may be “signed out” for three hours at a time by any UCSD student, staff or faculty member.

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Wireless – and roofless

Have you taken a look at the walkway area that extends south from the Biomedical Library entrance towards Osler Lane? There are some big cement bench areas out there with nice planters and sweet-smelling flowering trees. We just checked it out and our wireless Internet connection extends out there as well – at least as far as the second big “nook” area. This area is probably too sunny in the morning for productive use of laptops, but in the afternoon when the sun goes behind the library that area is very pleasant. Perfect for catching up on a little e-mail while having lunch or a phone conversation.

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Graduate Study open

The Biomedical Library’s Graduate Study is now open. This area provides space for UCSD graduate and professional students to study undisturbed after regular library hours. The space includes a Quiet Study zone. Access is provided by School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy building access cards. Other graduate students may request an access card at the Biomedical Library’s Circulation Desk.
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Group Study rooms now available

Some of the Biomedical Library’s new group study rooms are now available for use.
We have a mix of large and small rooms on the first and second floors and we are working on putting together a map showing the rooms and their features. Rooms are available for groups of two or more, and each room is equipped with a whiteboard, electrical outlets, and wireless network access. You can read about our policies for these rooms. If you have questions about using them, please ask!

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New building photos up

Some new pictures of the new Biomedical Library are up on our website. Included in this latest set are some fun pictures of the tests we performed on potential public furniture to ensure we are getting durable, well-made items that will stand up to heavy use.

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New building photos

Work is really coming along on the Biomedical Library building project. If you’ve been around the construction site you’ll notice landscaping going in and a lot of interior spaces looking close to finished. We should have news in a few weeks about our timetable for moving back, but in the meantime we do have some new photos up on the building project website.

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Biomed Building Taking Shape

Have you been by the Biomedical Library building site lately? The construction has been progressing quite well over the last few months. These photos show the building from different angles. More details about the project can be found on the addition/renovation website or by contacting Barbara Armstrong at or (858) 534-1196.

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