Change is in the Air & at the SOM

This Fall, the School of Medicine began their new curriculum for the incoming first year medical students.  Associate Dean, Jess Mandel is interviewed about the changes by Maureen Cavanaugh at KPBS:  Local Med School Changes Curriculum For Next Generation Of Doctors.  Read the transcript or listen to the interview (from September 30, 2010).

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Ethnic Disparities Cancer Research Grant

The Moores Cancer Center and SDSU are partners in a 5 year, $15 million dollar grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to focus on the ethnic disparities of cancer incidence and deaths.  The NCI is encouraging partnerships between cancer research centers and universities that have large ethnic student populations.

The emphasis for this grant is on why African-Americans with colorectal cancer have a higher death rate than other groups, as well as research into developing drugs that more precisely target prostate cancer and chemotherapy drugs for colon and pancreatic cancers.

Full story online at the San Diego Union-Tribune.
SDSU gets joint grant for cancer research
By Keith Darcé, staff writer
2:00 a.m. December 17, 2008

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Survey: Frustrated & Dissatisfied MDs

Widespread frustration and dissatisfaction was expressed by primary care physicians in a recently released survey from the Physicians Foundation.  With the projected shortage of physicians (24,000 by 2020), this might just compound that problem and severely effect access to care.  Currently, “49% – more than 150,000 practicing doctors – say that over the next three years they plan to reduce the number of patients they see or stop practicing entirely.”

The frustration and dissatisfaction seems to stem from the business side of health care, specifically dealing with “insurance company red tape” and keeps them from the most satisfying aspect of their job, patient relationships.  The survey from the Physicians Foundation found that nearly 60% of primary care physicians would not recommend the medical profession as a career choice.  An overview of the key findings is available in addition to the full report.

Dr. Jess Mandel from UC San Diego’s School of Medicine finds that medical students here are a little different than the survey represents.  In an interview with KPBS News, he stated, “USCD has a number of students who want to go into primary care.  He says interest has actually risen in the last few years.”

Find the executive summary and full report at Physicians’ Foundation.

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Libraries reopening schedule

The Geisel Library building will be open Thursday, October 25-Saturday October 27 from 10-6 for on-campus UCSD students only. The building will be open for study use only – no services will be available, including reserves, circulation, etc. The idea is to give you another place to go if you can’t stand your dorm for one more minute! The Science & Engineering and Special Collections areas of the building will be closed.

Most of the libraries will reopen with services on Sunday October 28:

  • BML: 10am-midnight
  • MCL: 1pm – 5pm
  • CLICS: 1pm-9pm
  • Science & Engineering: 10am-11:45pm
  • SIO: 12 noon -5pm
  • Social Sciences & Humanities: 10am-midnight
  • Arts Libraries
    • Film and Video Reserves: 1pm-9:45pm
    • Music, Film and Video Library: 1pm-9:45pm
    • AAL/Slide Collection services: not open
  • IR/PS: 1pm-9pm
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Closure update: UCSD closed all week

UCSD will cancel classes for the rest of the week, and “non-essential” personnel requested to stay home. As far as we know at this time, libraries will be closed, but several librarians are checking mail coming into the Ask A Librarian webform at Unfortunately, we don’t have access to our Interlibrary Loan or Circulation transaction systems from home Internet connections, so requests will have to wait until the libraries are open again and all staff have access to our systems. Please be assured that any fines resulting from lack of access to campus will be made right.

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October 22-23: UCSD is CLOSED

UCSD is CLOSED today, Monday, October 22 and Tuesday October 23 due to poor air quality and concern over the wildfire situation in San Diego. All UCSD libraries will be closed including the Medical Center Library in Hillcrest. Classes are cancelled, and essential personnel should check with their supervisors to determine if they should come to work. Several librarians are checking the Ask A Librarian email form from home and answering questions as best we can without access to our collections or transaction systems.

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UCSD Medical Center – Among the Nation’s Best

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center is the only San Diego hospital that ranks among the best in the nation in six specialty areas in the 2007 U.S. News and World Report annual “Best Hospitals” issue. The ratings came out July 16th in a special issue of the magazine. Details of the report can be found online (UCSD ID & password required if off campus).

In the 2007 report, UCSD Medical Center is ranked:
8th in Respiratory Diseases
18th in Rheumatology
30th in Kidney Disease
30th in Gynecology
39th in Cancer
50th in Ear, Nose, Throat

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Safe & Well @ the SDSC

How do you find your loved ones after a disaster wipes out their entire town? The UCSD Supercomputing Center is collaborating with the American Red Cross to make that process a bit easier with the Safe & Well web site.

The Supercomputing Center is hosting the web site that allows those affected by the huge tornados last week to either register as Safe & Well or to search for a loved one. As of May 8th, over 300 people have registered and they have received more than 13,000 queries from family & friends looking for loved ones. This site was originally created and launched last July for the 2006 hurricane season.

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Shuttle location changes

Due to construction work on the Price Center expansion, campus shuttles will no longer stop at the Price Center turnaround. This includes the Regents and East Campus shuttles as well as the Mesa Housing shuttle which serves the Medical Center La Jolla (Thornton, Perlman, Shiley, etc). The Regents and East Campus shuttles will now be stopping at the Geisel Library book drop turnaround, just northwest of the library, and the Mesa shuttle will temporarily relocate to the Gilman Drive/Russell Lane stop where the Medical Center shuttles stop now.
More information is available from this campus flyer and the Shuttle Services web page.

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Patient Safety In San Diego Hospitals

Joseph Scherger M.D., UCSD School of Medicine and director of Quality Improvement in Correctional Medicine, explores patient safety issues in San Diego area hospitals in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune. (November 10, 2005)
Read more…