Do You Miss Google Scholar?

Google recently moved their menu items around and Google Scholar is no longer in the top menu.  In addition to being annoying for fans of the product, it also means that if you do a search in “regular” Google, you can’t just flip over and redo the same result in Google Scholar. Instead, you have to go digging through their “more” menus.

Scholarfy is a new “bookmarklet” tool designed by Johan Ugander of Cornell University. It’s super simple to set it up from the Scholarfy page.  For Firefox or Chrome users, just follow the directions to drag Scholarfy to your bookmark toolbar.  In Internet Explorer, right-click the link to the actual bookmarklet, and add it to Favorites, selecting the Favorites bar as the location.

Now, after you do a Google web search, you can just click Scholarfy on your bookmark/favorites toolbar to redo your search in Google Scholar.

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