First Consult – Unique Point-of-Care Tool

The Biomedical and Medical Center Libraries have licensed UCSD-wide access to the clinical information resource First Consult (, a unique, online point-of-care tool that is integrated within the MD Consult interface. First Consult provides three types of information created and compiled by practicing clinicians:

  • Medical Topics: Concise, regularly updated information on patient evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, tests, and prevention (e.g., tuberculosis)
  • Differential Diagnoses: Provides a rapid evaluation of your patient’s complaint using an interactive chart of potential diagnoses listed by age group and most likely diagnosis (e.g., fatigue
  • Procedures: Clear systematic guidance, including videos and medical animations, of procedures across many specialties (e.g., skin biopsy)

First Consult can also be downloaded to your PDA.

Based on trial usage statistics, and feedback from medical students, residents, and faculty, we expect that this resource will be a strong and well-used addition to our online clinical resources. To see more of our online clinical resources, visit the UCSD Online Clinical Library.

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