Libraries reopening schedule

The Geisel Library building will be open Thursday, October 25-Saturday October 27 from 10-6 for on-campus UCSD students only. The building will be open for study use only – no services will be available, including reserves, circulation, etc. The idea is to give you another place to go if you can’t stand your dorm for one more minute! The Science & Engineering and Special Collections areas of the building will be closed.

Most of the libraries will reopen with services on Sunday October 28:

  • BML: 10am-midnight
  • MCL: 1pm – 5pm
  • CLICS: 1pm-9pm
  • Science & Engineering: 10am-11:45pm
  • SIO: 12 noon -5pm
  • Social Sciences & Humanities: 10am-midnight
  • Arts Libraries
    • Film and Video Reserves: 1pm-9:45pm
    • Music, Film and Video Library: 1pm-9:45pm
    • AAL/Slide Collection services: not open
  • IR/PS: 1pm-9pm
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