Medical Center Library Remodeling Begins

Construction at the Medical Center Library will begin next week.  Some construction activities have been scheduled to occur during business hours and other activities have been scheduled to take place at night after hours. To accommodate the various contractors and crews, the library will have a varying schedule over the course of the next few months, which may involve early closure or closed status.

MCL will report-out on a weekly basis business hours for the upcoming week.

MCL BUSINESS HOURS — Week of December 8- 12, 2008

  • Monday, December 8th – Regular hours 7a- 8p

  • Tuesday, December 9th- Reduced hours 7a-5p

  • Wednesday, December 10th- Reduced hours 7a-5p
  • Thursday, December 11th – Regular hours
  • Friday, December 12th – Regular hours
  • Saturday & Sunday, December 13th &14th – Regular hours

See Medical Center website for complete hours.

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