My NCBI Tool to Replace eRA Commons for Bibliography Management

As of 7/23/10, NIH PIs must use NCBI’s “My Bibliography” to list their publications, instead of adding them through the eRA Commons.  As of 10/22/10, the Commons will no longer display any citations a PI previously entered into the Commons manually.  Once a PI has established a “My NCBI” account, and linked it to the Commons, Commons users will be able to propose, confirm, or reject grant-paper associations; associate their “My Bibliography” citations with an eSNAP (electronic Streamlined Non-competing Award Process) progress report in Commons; and designate delegates to maintain their professional bibliographies in “My Bibliography”.

Please see the complete NIH notice (NOT-OD-10-103) for details (  NIH has also provided step-by-step instructions for using NCBI and “My Bibliography” on their recently re-designed eRA web site (

Note that the references that are currently in an eRA Commons account can not be automatically transferred to My Bibliography – they have to be manually entered in My Bibliography by the PI or a delegate.  For assistance with setting up a My NCBI account and entering references into My Bibliography, contact Nancy Stimson at or (858) 534-6321.

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