New Saltman Quarterly Volume Available

The Saltman Quarterly has released a new volume (volume 8). The Saltman Quarterly is UCSD’s only student-run journal of undergraduate biology research. This journal is sponsored by the Division of Biological Sciences, and is published in print and online once a year. This latest volume is not available online yet but print copies are available at the Biomedical Library and Science and Engineering Library. The main purpose of Saltman Quarterly is to bring greater awareness to UCSD undergraduate research, and to help students develop strong science communication skills.

Another publication being distributed by the Saltman Quarterly staff is Under the Scope, a “research brochure” which synthesizes the research presented at the 2010 Biological Sciences Student Research Showcase into articles and illustrations accessible to the lay public. In the words of the Under the Scope Editor-in-Chief, Leila Haghighat, “Under the Scope seeks to explain research not in overly technical jargon but in terms of its relevance to everyday life and to explore how other disciplines can help us think of biology differently.”

Stop by the Biomedical Library or Science and Engineering Library to pick up copies of these high-quality publications.

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