New VPN EasyConnect Web Interface

The UCSD Administrative Computing and Telecommunications Department (ACT) recently launched an enhanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) service ( This service allows authorized UCSD users to access campus resources, including the electronic resources paid for by the UCSD Libraries, from anywhere off-campus using a simple web interface.

This new service is web-based and uses the Active Directory authentication system which requires the user to have a valid UCSD Active Directory (”AD”) login and password.  Students who have problems or questions with their Active Directory login and password should contact ACT ( directly. Faculty and staff should work with their departmental IT contact.

The advantages of using the enhanced VPN service via the EasyConnect web interface are:

  1. Users working behind firewalls (including some hotels) are more likely to be successful using UCSD resources from off campus.
  2. Users do not need to change any of the settings on their browser as is the case with the proxy server.
  3. Users do not need to be download and install any special software on their computer.

To use the EasyConnect web interface, go to

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