NSF & Managing Data

The National Science Foundation has a new requirement – beginning in January 2011 – to have a plan to manage the data from research.  The management plan must be spelled out in an attachment or in that attachment justify the need for no plan.

Will the National Institutes of Health soon consider requiring it too?

The Libraries are exploring how we can help meet this requirement for UCSD Researchers.  If you are interested, contact us for more information.

The specific NSF language explaining the changes is:

Chapter V – Section 4, R&R Other Project Information, 4.12 Add Other Attachments contains a clarification of NSF’s long standing data policy. All proposals must describe plans for data management and sharing of the products of research, or assert the absence of the need for such plans. The attachment name must include the words “Data Management Plan”. NSF will not permit submission of a proposal that is missing a Data Management Plan. The Data Management Plan will be reviewed as part of the intellectual merit or broader impacts of the application, or both.

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