Jazzes Up Contest Photos

As you may already know, the UCSD Biomedical Library is holding a photo contest this month and all UCSD faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit their digital photos of the library building, or people in or around the library.

One of the photo categories is altered photos (photos manipulated for artistic purposes by applying digital and/or traditional special such as hand coloring, toning, bleaching, collage and photo composites, etc.).

We now have software on our Library Information Commons (LInC) computers which you can use to jazz up your digital photos for the contest or any other purpose. is a killer graphics program which is easy to learn and use. It’s also available free for Windows computers from is our LInC software program of the month, and our service consultants are available to help you learn it and provide you with all the information you need to produce prize-winning photographs!

Categories: Tech Tools