Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine — Desktop, That Is

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Sometimes when you are working on your computer – searching for articles, trying to access electronic journals, or using EndNote or RefWorks – you may get stuck and need help. How can you get help without leaving your desk?

Many of you may have participated in webinars for training sessions. The Biomedical Library is now experimenting with using webinar (teleconference) software for a different purpose. We are using the ReadyTalk software to initiate “show and tell” sessions to help you get unstuck. First, arrange to talk to a librarian on the phone by contacting Nancy Stimson at (858) 534-6321 or by e-mail.  Nancy or your departmental liaison will email you an invitation to the webinar. Just click on the link in the email message and follow the instructions to join the “meeting.” Then the librarian can show you things that she is doing on her computer, or turn the control over to you and let you show them what you are doing and where you need help. This software can also be used to show PowerPoint slides or conduct mini-training sessions online. When you need help, contact Nancy to set up a webinar. Give it a try and you will see how useful it is to share your desktop with a librarian – and vice versa.

readytalk1 If you would like to use ReadyTalk for your own webinars or meetings, details on how to set up a ReadyTalk account are located on Blink.  One of the nice features about ReadyTalk, in addition to its stability, is that if you use the web portion only, and make a separate phone call, there is no cost. There are other similar software programs available – some free, some not. A partial listing of free teleconference products is located on the iLibrarian blog.

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