Report: 861 New Cancer Drugs Being Researched

PhRMA compiled a report – released April 1, 2009 – regarding all the “medicines in the research pipeline for cancer” as a result of President Obamas call for “curing cancer in our time.”  The report includes those drugs that are currently in human clinical trials as well as those awaiting FDA approval.  No wonder my cancer center friends have been so busy!

The top 4 types of cancer being researched include:

  • 122 drugs for lung cancer
  • 107 for breast cancer
  • 103 for prostate cancer
  • 70 for colorectal cancer

A unique application is the use of scorpions (actually, using a synthetic substance derived from them) to directly treat brain tumors.

You can view the full report, Medicines in Development for Cancer 2009 or look at the backgrounder Fact Sheet.

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On December 13, 2012, 10:14 PM Gerald Londal said:

I tried to access information related to treating cancer with scorpion venom, but the links could not be found. Could you provide me a link? My wife has metastatic uterine cancer which has gone to the brain. I understand that UCSD is working on treating cancer with scorpion venom. I would appreciate any information that you have on this topic.
Thank you.

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