Survey: Frustrated & Dissatisfied MDs

Widespread frustration and dissatisfaction was expressed by primary care physicians in a recently released survey from the Physicians Foundation.  With the projected shortage of physicians (24,000 by 2020), this might just compound that problem and severely effect access to care.  Currently, “49% – more than 150,000 practicing doctors – say that over the next three years they plan to reduce the number of patients they see or stop practicing entirely.”

The frustration and dissatisfaction seems to stem from the business side of health care, specifically dealing with “insurance company red tape” and keeps them from the most satisfying aspect of their job, patient relationships.  The survey from the Physicians Foundation found that nearly 60% of primary care physicians would not recommend the medical profession as a career choice.  An overview of the key findings is available in addition to the full report.

Dr. Jess Mandel from UC San Diego’s School of Medicine finds that medical students here are a little different than the survey represents.  In an interview with KPBS News, he stated, “USCD has a number of students who want to go into primary care.  He says interest has actually risen in the last few years.”

Find the executive summary and full report at Physicians’ Foundation.

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