UCSD Bookstore RSS Feeds for New Medical Books

The UCSD Bookstore has a way for you to find out when it receives new medical books in your discipline. Go to their website and click on “List of RSS Feeds;” then click on the subject area you’re interested in to add that feed to your feed reader (e.g., Google Reader).  The information you receive in the feed will include a synopsis of each new book. If you buy a book from the bookstore website, you will receive a 5% discount. Check to see if you are in an eligible area for free daily delivery by calling (858) 534-0028.

If you are not sure what RSS feeds are or how they can help you, click on “About RSS Feeds” to find out about the benefits of using a feed reader, how to get one, etc.

Note: If you are a UCSD faculty member, staff member, or student, you can use the feeds to find out about new books but you don’t have to buy them. Check the UCSD Libraries Catalog, Roger, to see if we have the book, and if we don’t, fill out our interlibrary loan form and we will borrow the book for you to use.

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