Under the hood with EndNote X2

We finally took a good solid look at EndNote X2 and there are a couple interesting new features and a “gotcha” that we weren’t expecting.

Smart Groups: EndNote introduced groups with the previous version to let you organize a large library into subgroups.  In X2 they have introduced so-called “smart” groups which let you set up automatic rules for putting new items into groups – set up a smart group for author Smith and all new items you get with that author will be put into that group. You don’t need to do anything once you’ve set it up. Slick!

Get Full Text: EndNote has let you store PDFs as attachments in your library for a few years. Now, you can use EndNote as a tool to go fetch PDFs for you.  It won’t usually find all of them, but it can save you a lot of time hunting.  For this to work, you need to set up EndNote to use the UC’s “OpenURL” system – information on how to do it is now on our EndNote web page.

Online search behavior: has changed in X2.  Previously, if you used the Online Search (a.k.a. Connect) feature within EndNote to directly search, say, PubMed, you would get a list of matches which you selected from to add to your library.  Now, anything you bring back from a direct online search is automatically added to your library, and you then delete the ones you don’t want.   Because not everyone liked this, EndNote has issued a “patch” that lets you decide if you want to keep this behavior or go back to the previous mode where online search results were held in a temporary location first.

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