Vitamin D and Cancer Talk

Get ready for another timely and interesting talk in the UCSD Biomedical Library lunchtime seminar series. On September 26, 2008, Dr. Cedric F. Garland, a Professor from the UCSD Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, and member of the Moores Cancer Center, will present “Here Comes the Sun: Vitamin D for Preventing and Helping Cure Cancer” as part of the UCSD Biomedical Library lunchtime seminar series.

Dr. Garland will talk about recent advances in research on uses of vitamin D for prevention of breast and other types of cancer, and increasing the success of cancer treatment.

Dr. Garland is a Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology. He has a Doctor of Public Health degree from UCSD and studied epidemiology at Johns Hopkins.  His goal is to eradicate cancer.  He works closely on this goal with his colleagues, Drs. Frank Garland and Edward Gorham, and Sharif Mohr, M.P.H.  Dr. Garland is the author or coauthor of 150 abstracts, book chapters and research publications, mainly about breast and colon cancer and melanoma.  He and his coauthors have developed a novel cancer theory, the Devolution hypothesis, based mainly on their research on the role of vitamin D in reducing the risk of cancer and improving healthy survival of cancer patients.

Dr. Garland’s talk will be held in the Biomedical Library Events Room from 12-1 PM. Space is limited so please RSVP by September 24 to Vicky Anderson at  Feel free to bring a discreet lunch; cookies and water will be provided.

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