We Get Suggestions

A recent suggestion (well, really a complaint):

“This library is too COLD! It is uncomfortable and a waste of resources.”

The staff of the Biomedical Library work to maintain a comfortable temperature for our users and staff, while preventing mold outbreaks in our collection. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is more difficult when there are dramatic changes in the outside temperature – it can take a day or so for the building to adjust and stabilize.

Based on your complaint, we reviewed the temperature/humidity sensor data for the Library, and found that the average temperature for the north and south sides of the building were pretty consistent, and within the range we need to maintain. We did notice that the north side of the building was an average of 1 degree colder than the south. We discussed this with Libraries Preservation, and they approved trying to bump up the temperature in the north end of the building. Hopefully this will make the space a little more comfortable.

In general, the south side of the building near the windows is a little warmer than the rest of the space, so if you are uncomfortable, you might want to see if space is available for you in this area.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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