We Get Suggestions

Some more recent items from the suggestion box:

“Have holes in tables for laptop lockers (we can bring locks).”

We thought seriously about your suggestion, but decided against drilling holes in our expensive new furniture. We then discussed alternatives. We don’t see any reason that laptops shouldn’t be secured to the chairs or table legs as long as there isn’t any damage to the furniture. The Kensington company has many products that would work- LINK, and the bookstore has some of these in stock.

Saying that, it’s important for everyone to realize that the library is a public space, and there is no restriction of access to the public. Our information is that professional laptop thieves typically work in teams, and would get past any of these locks in a few seconds without drawing attention. Personal vigilance is still the most effective way to prevent being a victim of crime. So we recommend that you do not leave your valuable unattended at any time. Thanks for the suggestion!

“To whom it may concern, I’m a second year medical student and wanted to suggest that the sensors for the sliding glass doors be modified so that they open earlier. Every time I enter from either side, I feel I’m about to run into the door because it opens late. Thanks for your consideration! P.S. I know it’s a strange suggestion, but some classmates agree.”

Thanks for the feedback. The doors were adjusted to open earlier on November 15th. We’ll resist the urge to say that med students are just walking too fast since you’re all so busy… 😉 Thanks for the suggestion!

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