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A recent suggestion:

– “While I completely understand and respect the ban on cell phone use, this is a biomedical library and not just for students. Because I am a physician, I must answer pages – although I attempt to limit as much as possible by letting my secretary know where I am.”

Thanks for your comment! Issues related to noise, including cell phone use, have been a hot button issue for many of our users groups since we opened the expanded facility. We have heard from a number of our user groups about the need for an ultra-quiet atmosphere for intensive study.

Despite our best efforts, we struggle against the overall design of the library – large open spaces help to amplify even minor noise issues. Unfortunately, planned noise reduction measures were cut during design of the new facility due to cost overruns.

We knew at the time we decided to restrict the use of cell phones in the library, that this would be especially burdensome to patient care providers. We will continue to consider ways that we can accommodate the needs of as many users as possible, while still meeting the needs of the majority of our users.

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