We get suggestions

Some recent items from our suggestion box:

“Can you please provide ‘Wall Street Journal’ as possible newspaper reading material. Thank-you.”

Luckily, we found that the cost for the Library to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal was within our price range, so we will be adding the newspaper to our Recreational Reading Collection. Thanks for the suggestion!

“This library is pretty. I am going to study here more often next year. Circulation people should get a raise, especially student workers. Thanks!”

Hmmm… We weren’t able to read the name on this suggestion, but it seemed a little like a plant ;). Nevertheless, thanks for the compliment, and please feel free to return next year. By the way, we agree our staff and students should make more, but our current starting student employee rate is not too bad, $8.75 an hour. If you’re interested in student positions at the libraries, you can see open jobs using Port Triton on the Career Services Website. Thanks!

“At least one more public computer is needed in the second floor, near the collection of biomedical journals (there is only one now). Only one computer for all the people studying in that part of the library, and people who come to look for journals is not enough! Thank you!”

Good suggestion. We are planning to make some adjustments to the seating and location of computers on the 2nd floor in the near future, and we don’t think this should be a problem. In the meantime, there are more computers available on the north side of the 2nd floor, as well as the 1st floor. Thanks!

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