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An item from our suggestion box:

“It was a great idea to change room 218 to a quiet study zone, but could you please ask library staff not to talk loudly in the room next to the quiet study zone?”

We’re glad that you are finding the new Individual Study Area (where the photocopy room used to be) a good place for that extra-intensive studying. Although your message was not dated, I imagine that you had the unfortunate timing of trying to study in this area while the library staff had our annual holiday party. I admit it, we may have been a little raucous, but this year’s holiday party committee really outdid themselves to plan a fun event – great food, great decorations, games… man, it was awesome… oh well, I digress… :)

Anyway, I will be sure to ask the staff to do their best to keep it down in general, and especially during our infrequent social events. Thanks for your suggestion!

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