We Get Suggestions

A couple of competing suggestions found in our suggestion box at the same time:

– “Raise the temp in the Library”

– “Hell-no! Don’t raise the temperature. If you are cold, just wear a sweater.”

Ah, the never-ending debate played out in library’s, offices, even the home. The staff of the Biomedical Library try our best to find a comfortable temperature for all of our staff and users, while maintaining an environment that doesn’t cause problems with our collection. As you can probably imagine, with a building of this size, this can be challenge. We especially have problems when there are dramatic changes in the outside temperature – it can take a day or so for the building to adjust. In general, the North side of the building is cooler than the South side, so if you are uncomfortable, you might want to try a different area of the building.

We do have the ability to adjust the temperature slightly in specific areas, so please let someone know at the service desk if you feel an area is particularly cool or warm.

Thanks for the suggestions!

– “BML should have an annual pictorial calendar of Asian male models. I am able to be the Asian male mode. Contact me at… In return for my bodily service, I expect to be compensated with unlimited photocopy privileges!”

Hmmm…I can see it now, the “Men of the Biomedical Library”… Thanks for the suggestion – don’t call us, we’ll call you!… 😉

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