We get suggestions (and a compliment!)

Some recent items from our suggestion box:

“Thank you for keeping everything so clean!! The deskspace, keyboards, computer screens, chairs, bathrooms. WAY better than other libraries (i.e. *****)” NOTE: we edited out the name of the library referenced in the message, we don’t want any hurt feelings, or to get the cold shoulder at the library-wide holiday party… 😉

Thanks for the compliment! We have been actively working with our custodians as well as library facilities to keep the facility as clean as possible. As I’m sure you can imagine, when the building gets crowded at midterms and finals time, it gets harder to keep the place clean, so we appreciate the help of our users by adhering to the library’s food policy, and making sure trash makes it into the trash cans. Please report any building cleanliness issues to the service desk.

“Limit foods allowed in the library to small items or non-crunchy foods.”

Hmmm…, sounds like we need to do a better job informing everyone of our food policy. The restriction on the crunchiness of the food in question is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how we would enforce it. The library is looking at the possibility of creating a “silent” study zone for users wanting an ultra-quiet study environment, and it’s possible that we may impose a more stringent food policy in this area. In the meantime, you might want to consider moving to another area of the library, or take advantage or our free earplugs. Personally, I’d just ask them to share. 😉
Thanks for the suggestion!

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