We Get Suggestions

Some recent items we found in our suggestion box:

“Is it possible to have Novell to access Ed Com (MedEd) Servers?”

Although we don’t plan to install Novell on the computers located in the Library Information Commons (LInC), we did plan to allow access to Ed Com’s file storage. Unfortunately, our solution for this has not worked yet. We plan to continue to work with Ed Com to get this up and running. Thanks for the suggestion!

“Get ACS printers! Please!”

I’m sorry to say that we’re not planning to install ACS printers in the LInC at the moment. The Biomedical Library receives excellent service from our copy vendor Imprints, and it makes sense for us to have Imprints provide the copying for the LInC. We realize that the account-based printing ACS provides is preferred by some students, and we have asked Imprints to investigate the possibility of offering account-based printing in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

– “Allow rooms to be checked out without requiring two students, especially if there are empty rooms.”

This has been our most common suggestion since we opened the new library. We debated long and hard about what policies to put in place for the group studies. We didn’t have any group study rooms in the old building, and now we have more than any library on campus. Because of this, we were conservative in our initial policies for how the rooms could be used.

However, we knew all along that not all the policies we’ve decided on for the opening will be the right ones. So we’re committed to reevaluating all our policies, including the ones for the group studies, at the end of the first quarter. By then, we will have experienced a full academic quarter, how all of our user groups work in the new library, and have hard data about high and low use periods for our rooms. At that point, we should be able to set policies that will work for the long haul, and work with the library’s limited resources. Thanks for the suggestion!

“With the library opening at 8AM and overnight loans due at 9AM the next morning, the reserve loan system is unfair to those with morning classes on Tuesday and Thursday since the first morning class is 8AM to 9:20AM. Can the library be opened earlier of the morning grace period for the loan extended? This is REALLY UNFAIR!!!

I can see you’re upset. I’m sorry the Biomedical Library’s loan policies for reserve items are putting you in the unfortunate situation of deciding between taking advantage of the opportunity to borrow reserve items overnight, and make it to your class on time. I will forward your suggestion to the library’s circulation and reserves units to see if there is a way that could modify our policies, yet still balance the needs of individual students with the need to provide as much access tour reserve materials for the benefit of all our users. Thanks for the suggestion!

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