Can I just use all the GIS data I want, anyway I want?

No! Like all the other information in the UCSD Libraries, the GIS data is subject to copyright laws and limitations on usage.

Our GIS data comes from a variety of sources. Specific restrictions can be found in each layer’s metadata. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to read the metadata for each data layer so that you can respect the license restrictions on the data, understand its unique spatial and attribute characteristics, and give proper attribution to the data provider.

In no case shall any of this data be used by anyone not a part of the UCSD community, nor shall any of this data be used for a commercial purpose. There may be additional restrictions on data as noted in the metadata for each data layer, and you can read the ‘Important Notes re UCSD Data Server’ document on the X drive for further details.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracey Hughes, GIS Coordinator, at

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