Can I print a poster?

Yes…but only if it has a GIS component!

We absolutely encourage the use of GIS in your presentations and projects and we are even happy to print your map on our big 42” plotter for posters and displays.

You need to send an email to Tracey at with the poster as an attachment. Please provide sufficient lead time so that the poster can be printed, proofed and ready for you by your deadline.

We’d also appreciate it if you let us display a copy of your work here in the Lab!

How do I put my map into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation?

The easiest way is to store your map as an image file. Here are the basic instructions:

1. Make all changes to your map, so it is in final form and ready to go.

2. Go to File, then Export. Select an image type. We recommend using the jpeg format for in-text, such as figures in Word, and emf for slides in PowerPoint because they appear better when displayed on a projector. Be sure to remember where you saved it!

3. In your Office document, go to Insert, then select Picture, then From File, and then navigate to where you saved the image. Open and resize as necessary. If you don’t like your image, you can fix it in ArcMap and repeat steps 2 and 3.