Map your commute time (or your friend’s commute times!)

Check it out here at:

San Francisco has an urban forest map!

Check it out at  It’s a very attractive and interactive online mapping site that allows you to search by tree or location, and then it provides the environmental impacts and benefits of the trees.  Very cool.  Go San Francisco!

GIS for Civic Participation (also known as PPGIS)

Here is a recently released report on e-government and civic participation, and how mobile geospatial technologies can help get more people involved…

Society for Conservation GIS Conference Announcement

It’s happening July 8 – 11, 2010 in Asilomar, California.  More details here

OECD Data & Mapping

The OECD has released their Factbook eXplorer which allows you to explore data from the OECD (and sometimes even your own data) with an easy online mapping interface, complemented by a graphing analyzer.  It’s pretty cool!