ESRI Internship and Conference Assistant Opportunities

For more details, go directly to them at the appropriate URL below!

New Microsoft mapping products available to UC San Diego Community Members

Hello!  If you are able to purchase software through ACMS at UC San Diego, please be aware that there are two new mapping/GIS related products available called GeoSynth and Geosynth viewer.  Please contact ACMS directly if interested.

Our agreement will now include a new type of subscription option for annual users who can wait to start effective 7/1 each year if they are new subscribers.  For more details, please see:

Geosynther sub               $1,099   (

Geosynthvwr sub            $55

Select agreement licenses for Geosynther should be available in a short time period after order, as I understand it.

RMF-00007 GeoSynther ALNG SubsVL MVL $89.62

SCF-00007 GeoSynthSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL $149.36

RNF-00007 GeoSynthVwr ALNG SubsVL MVL $4.48

This is a wholly owned Microsoft company and is a companion to the other Microsoft GIS/Map products also available for license such as  Virtual EarthServer, BingMaps etc.

California Landscape Conservation Cooperative Funding Opportunity

The turnaround is pretty short at this point, but the proposal is short at this point too!  If you are a conservation based organization, please consider this.  Many thanks to Drew Decker at USGS for passing the info on.

Use geography to manage water creatively and proactively

This article was brought to my attention by some regional GIS colleagues…it’s interesting and progressive, and something that I think we could certainly benefit from using a model for water and other issues!

US Census releases new version of DataFerrett

They make it sound easy to use the DataFerrett to get Census data in larger extracts that are customized, but do beware that it isn’t quite as easy as they may make it sound!

More ESRI Virtual Campus classes available for ArcGIS 10

They seem to be coming out in a more rapid succession now, which is good, cause I know I need to take them!  Class listings at and UCSD people, don’t forget, you get access to most of them for free!

ESRI Free Seminars on LiDAR and more

Check them out at

Campuses and GIS

The Winter 2011 issue of ArcUser features two articles about the use of GIS on college campuses – one on the iPhone app developed by the Infographics Lab at the University of Oregon, and the other about a 3-D library management system developed by Tufts University – kudos to Ken & Patrick and their respective staff!  Details on the articles can be found on pages 68 & 62 respectively in the digital version of the issue.

Campus GIS for Green Reasons?

It looks like Pomona College is helping to make a good case for using GIS to help with greening of a campus…you can read the article from the ArcNews Winter 2010/2011 edition at

For those interested in green building with an apple product

If you’ve got an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you may want to check out the new Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG).  It’s intended to help people in the field to find out info on LEED buildings in their vicinity and to rate projects.  Search for it as a free ap!

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