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Two things related to library instruction caught my attention this morning (from email & fb). . .

I haven’t explored either in depth, but I they caught my attention because I think they’re both trying to tackle how to effectively/efficiently get information literacy skills out to students in a scalable manner.

Free ebook: Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies

Education changes lives and societies, but can we sustain the current model? New models and new technologies allow us to rethink many of the premises of education—location and time, credits and credentials, knowledge creation and sharing.Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies is a collection of chapters and case studies contributed by college and university presidents, provosts, faculty, and other stakeholders. Institutions are finding new ways of achieving higher education’s mission without being crippled by constraints or overpowered by greater expectations.

No, we can’t do it all by Meredith Farkas, Information Wants to be Free

She talks about learning objects, and one that I haven’t heard of before is Guide on the Side used by the University of Arizona.  Has anyone used this before?

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