Grant Will Help Build arXiv’s Self-Sustaining Future

Thanks to an award from the Simons Foundation, Cornell University Library will take a major step toward building a permanent governance model for arXiv, the free scientific repository that has revolutionized the way scientists share information.
The Simons Foundation, based in New York City, has provided a $60,000 planning grant to support the development of a governance model that will guide the online repository’s transition from interim to long-term governance.
“This is a critical step in the transition to a self-sustaining funding model,” said Oya Rieger, Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship Services. “Ensuring the future of arXiv through a stable, transparent and collaborative governance structure is one of the Library’s primary goals, and the Simons Foundation helping us make great strides toward that goal.” The Library recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of arXiv, with an event featuring the repository’s founder, Paul Ginsparg, and meetings about its governance model, support structure and organization of its advisory board. In 2001, Ginsparg joined the Cornell faculty, bringing the arXiv with him.
more : Oct 25 2011 press release

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