ArXiv at 20 – Paul Ginsparg reflects

Paul Ginsparg, founder of the preprint server arXiv, reflects on two decades of sharing results rapidly online — and on the future of scholarly communication. Nature 476, 145-147 (11 August 2011)

Among the many important observations in this article, Ginsparg notes:

“My hope is that rather than merely using electronic infrastructure as a more efficient means of distribution, the revolution-in-waiting will ultimately lead to a more powerful knowledge structure, fundamentally transforming the ways in which we process and organize scientific data.”

and, in regard to the ongoing role of arXiv,:

“For now, the open questions of arXiv’s long-term role and its relationship to conventional publishing, the details of its funding model, and its overall intellectual supervision, are to be resolved in coordination with its users and stakeholders. A meeting of international sponsoring institutions will be hosted by the Cornell Library next month to discuss the transition of arXiv to a collaboratively governed, community-supported resource. It will be a challenge to keep it attuned to the needs of future generations of researchers.”

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