Recent UCSD Bioengineering Articles

Some recent articles by faculty in the Department of Bioengineering

Chan, E. F.; Farnsworth, C. L.; Koziol, J. A.; Hosalkar, H. S.; Sah, R. L., Statistical shape modeling of proximal femoral shape deformities in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and slipped capital femoral epiphysis. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 2013, 21 (3), 443-449.

Chang, C. W.; Hwang, Y. S.; Brafman, D.; Hagan, T.; Phung, C.; Varghese, S., Engineering cell-material interfaces for long-term expansion of human pluripotent stem cells. Biomaterials 2013, 34 (4), 912-921.

DeLano, F. A.; Hoyt, D. B.; Schmid-Schonbein, G. W., Pancreatic Digestive Enzyme Blockade in the Intestine Increases Survival After Experimental Shock. Science Translational Medicine 2013, 5 (169).

Dutkowski, J.; Kramer, M.; Surma, M. A.; Balakrishnan, R.; Cherry, J. M.; Krogan, N. J.; Ideker, T., A gene ontology inferred from molecular networks. Nature Biotechnology 2013, 31 (1), 38-45.

Hightower, C. M.; Vazquez, B. Y. S.; Cabrales, P.; Tsai, A. G.; Acharya, S. A.; Intaglietta, M., Plasma expander and blood storage effects on capillary perfusion in transfusion after hemorrhage. Transfusion 2013, 53 (1), 49-59.

Hyduke, D. R.; Lewis, N. E.; Palsson, B. O., Analysis of omics data with genome-scale models of metabolism. Molecular Biosystems 2013, 9 (2), 167-174.

Mercola, M.; Colas, A.; Willems, E., Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery. Circulation Research 2013, 112 (3), 534-548.

Metallo, C. M.; Vander Heiden, M. G., Understanding Metabolic Regulation and Its Influence on Cell Physiology. Molecular Cell 2013, 49 (3), 388-398.

Rao, N.; Evans, S.; Stewart, D.; Spencer, K. H.; Sheikh, F.; Hui, E. E.; Christman, K. L., Fibroblasts influence muscle progenitor differentiation and alignment in contact independent and dependent manners in organized co-culture devices. Biomedical Microdevices 2013, 15 (1), 161-169.

Sonnenberg, A.; Marciniak, J. Y.; McCanna, J.; Krishnan, R.; Rassenti, L.; Kipps, T. J.; Heller, M. J., Dielectrophoretic isolation and detection of cfc-DNA nanoparticulate biomarkers and virus from blood. Electrophoresis 2013, 34 (7), 1076-1084.

Vincent, L. G.; Choi, Y. S.; Alonso-Latorre, B.; del Alamo, J. C.; Engler, A. J., Mesenchymal stem cell durotaxis depends on substrate stiffness gradient strength. Biotechnology Journal 2013, 8 (4).

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