Canceling Print ACS Journals

The S&E Library will be canceling the American Chemical Society journals (print only, not online).

Why are we canceling them?

  1. The New Format.¬† As you may be aware, ACS Publications is moving to a “rotated and condensed” print format for all of their journals except JACS, Accounts of Chemical Research, and Chemical Reviews. More about this decision is available from ACS, as well as in recent articles from Nature and Chronicle of Higher Education.
  2. Pricing. As customers of the ACS Web Editions, we were able to maintain the print subscriptions at a very deep discount. Starting in 2010 ACS will that discountinue that discount, and we cannot pay full price for print  when we are also paying for online as well.


  1. UCSD faculty, students and staff will continue to have online access to all of the ACS journals.
  2. We will continue to have Chemical & Engineering News print and online. ACS is not changing the print format of C&EN. The same goes with Journal of Chemical Education.

If you have any questions, please contact Teri Vogel.

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