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Science Goes Graphic!

ASME's Heroes of EngineeringAs part of the Geisel Goes Graphic collaborative exhibit, the S&E Library is exhibiting graphic books covering scientific topics, including The Science of Superheroes and The Science of Supervillains by Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg and several books by Larry Gonick (The Cartoon Guide to Physics, and The Cartoon Guide to Statistics).

Books On Display

A companion exhibit displays information on the graphic science book genre – major themes, authors, and web resources. Read interviews with authors Jim Ottaviani and Jim Kakalios, and see scientific comics on nanotechnology (Meet the Goos), and Heroes in Engineering. Vintage superhero comic books from 1985-1987 are also on view.

Vintage Comics

During the week of October 10, please drop by the S&E Library from noon to 1:00 p.m. and have your photograph taken with Spiderman!
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Culture, Art & Technology at S&E

The Science & Engineering Library is pleased to present an exhibit of Sixth College student work entitled, “Redefining Cultural Categories.” The twelve pieces in the exhibit were produced by students in Sixth College’s Culture, Art & Technology program as a reflective exercise using digital imaging to create a multi-layered composition that ‘redefines’ a common cultural category.

Students selected categories including “nature/technology”, “art/science”, “east/west” and merged imagery to provide a visual representation of the complexity of the subjects. In essence, these pieces attempt to translate black and white thinking into shades of grey, offering more reflective consideration. This exhibit was displayed at CafĂ© Roma in the spring of 2005 and was made available to the library by Carol Hobson, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA).

S&E Library presents a complementary display featuring books from the collection and illustrative imagery on the visualization of information.

Both exhibits will run through August 19.
Please stop by ~
Click below to see photos of the exhibit.
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Mathematics Awareness Month

April is Math Awareness Month, and the Science & Engineering Library has mounted a display of posters and articles featuring the role math plays in science, technology, and everyday life. Mathematics and the Cosmos is the theme of one display, which shows how math is at the core of our attempts to understand the universe at every level from the most theoretical to the most mundane. Other portions of the display feature posters depicting Mathematical Moments and Math Matters, Apply It! how applied math affects us and the world around us. The display will be up through the end of April. Read more about Math Awareness Month at the official website The MAM Related Resources include Gene Smith’s tutorial on Cosmology from UCSD CASS.

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Women in Science Exhibit

The Science & Engineering Library is celebrating Women’s History Month with an exhibit titled, Women in Science and Technology. Coinciding with the inauguration of Marye Anne Fox, one part of the exhibit features Chancellor Fox’s life and professional career. Another display, originally developed by the San Diego Supercomputer Center, honors other notable women in science and engineering including Grace Hopper, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, May Chinn, Rosalind Elsie Franklin and several more. Also on display are books from the Science & Engineering Library’s collection covering the history of women in science, and the role of women in contemporary science education and scholarship. The exhibit will remain up through the end of March.Fox resized.jpg Display case resized.jpg

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Black History Month at S&E

In celebration of Black History Month, the Science & Engineering Library presents a display featuring African American Scientists, Engineers and Inventors of the Past, Present and Future. Using photographs, patents, articles, and biographical information, the exhibit highlights 17 notable men and women. Included, among others, are:


  • Lonnie Johnson, nuclear engineer and inventor of the Super Soaker water gun
  • Ernest E. Just (1883-1941), cell biologist
  • Bessie Blount (1914-1954), inventor of a feeding device for the physically disabled
  • Matthew Henson (1866-1955), Arctic explorer
  • Evan B. Forde, oceanographer
  • Aprille Ericsson, aerospace engineer
  • Mae Jemison, chemical engineer, physician, teacher and first African American woman astronaut
  • David Harold Blackwell, mathematician and recipient of the 1979 von Neumann Prize

Also on display are future Black scientists and engineers: K-6 students at San Diego’s Elementary Institute of Science, and UCSD student members of the National Society of Black Engineers. Please come and visit our exhibit through the end of February and be inspired!

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Happy 30th, UCSD Pascal

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of UCSD Pascal, the S&E Library is displaying some of the key UCSD Pascal and p-System books from our collection. Some of the books featured are:
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National Book Month:Popular Science Books

May is National Book Month! The Science & Engineering Library is featuring an exhibit of popular science books. Get current with the latest and greatest popular titles! Read up on black holes, quantum computers, mathematical enigmas, chaos theory and buckeyballs. We’ve got the secrets of the universe available for check-out! If you see something of interest, check its availability in Roger.

Popular Science Books

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Mathematics of Networks

April is Math Awareness Month. The UCSD Science and Engineering Library is featuring a new display on the Mathematics of Networks.

Graph theory is the branch of mathematics that addresses how networks can be encoded and their properties measured. Its real world applications range from representations of the Internet to genome mapping. Stop by and check out these creative approaches to 21st Century problems.

Mathematics of Networks

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New S&E Exhibits

The Science and Engineering Library is featuring two new exhibits. “Snowflakes” and “Crystals” highlight the beauty and complexity of crystalline forms. Amazing photographs! Come in and check it out!

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