Chancellor Fox wins National Medal of Science

Congratulations to UCSD Chancellor and chemistry professor Marye Anne Fox, one of this year’s National Medal of Science recipients,

for seminal contributions to chemistry by elucidating the role that non-homogeneous environments can exert on excited-state processes, and enhancing our understanding of charge-transfer reactions and their application to such fields as polymers, solar energy conversion, and nanotechnology. (NSF)

Administered by the National Science Foundation for the White House, the National Medal of Science honors individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to science and engineering. Nominees are selected by a committee of presidential appointees based on their advanced knowledge in, and contributions to, the biological, behavioral/social and physical sciences, as well as chemistry, engineering, computing and mathematics.”

Chancellor Fox and the other winners (including UCSF’s Stanley Prusiner) will be honored at a White House ceremony, when they will receive their medals from President Obama.

White House Press Release
San Diego Union-Tribune

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UCSD gets high rankings from NRC for Doctoral programs

UCSD ranks 2nd (behind Berkeley) in the top comprehensive public universities in overall quality due to the number and ranking of our individual doctoral departments and programs. UCSD got an overall rank of 11th place on the combined public and private comprehensive universities list. The Bioengineering department received a #1 ranking, as did Biology and Oceanography/Atmospheric Sciences at SIO. Other top rated physical science & engineering departments include:

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering #11
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry #13
  • Mathematics #13
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering #14
  • Materials Science #14
  • Computer Science and Engineering #16

For more information, read the UCSD press release and the National Research Council’s Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs at

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US patents granted to UCSD researchers in past 10 months

According to the UCSD Technology Transfer Office Newsletter, over 50 patents were granted to UCSD researchers from July 2009 through April 2010. See the list here.

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New UCSD Physics Articles

Recent articles authored or co-authored by faculty in the UC San Diego Department of Physics.

Bauler P, Huber G, Leyh T, McCammon JA. 2010. Channeling by Proximity: The Catalytic Advantages of Active Site Colocalization Using Brownian Dynamics. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1(9):1332-1335.

Cross JO, Newville M, Maranville BB, Bordel C, Hellman F, Harris VG. 2010. Evidence for nanoscale two-dimensional Co clusters in CoPt3 films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22(14).

Evans AA, Spagnolie SE, Lauga E. 2010. Stokesian jellyfish: viscous locomotion of bilayer vesicles. Soft Matter 6(8):1737-1747.

Fogler MM, Neto AHC, Guinea F. 2010. Effect of external conditions on the structure of scrolled graphene edges. Physical Review B 81(16).

Kim ED, Truex K, Xu XD, Sun B, Steel DG, Bracker AS, Gammon D, Sham LJ. 2010. Fast Spin Rotations by Optically Controlled Geometric Phases in a Charge-Tunable InAs Quantum Dot. Physical Review Letters 104(16).

Prasad S, Jiang Z, Sprung M, Sinha SK, Dhinojwala A. 2010. Effect of Surface Freezing on Meniscus Relaxation in Side Chain Comb Polymers. Physical Review Letters 104(13).

Schafgans AA, LaForge AD, Dordevic SV, Qazilbash MM, Padilla WJ, Burch KS, Li ZQ, Komiya S, Ando Y, Basov DN. 2010. Towards a Two-Dimensional Superconducting State of La2-xSrxCuO4 in a Moderate External Magnetic Field. Physical Review Letters 104(15).

Volman V, Perc M. 2010. Fast random rewiring and strong connectivity impair subthreshold signal detection in excitable networks. New Journal of Physics 12.

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2010 Hellman Faculty Fellows

Congratulations to:

among the 30 junior faculty who were named 2010 Hellman Faculty Fellows.  The $375,000 will be distributed among the fellows to support their scholarly and research activities that will aid their progress toward tenure.

The Hellman Fellowship program was established at UC San Diego in 1995 with a generous gift of $2.5 million from Chris and Warren Hellman.  Its purpose is to provide financial support and encouragement to young faculty who show capacity for great distinction in their research and creative activities.

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Too Small to Ignore: Why is Nano Different?

The Science & Engineering Library invites you to attend a lecture by Professor Michael Sailor entitled, “Too Small to Ignore: Why is Nano Different?”

Thursday, May 20, 2010
3:00 – 4:00 pm
Science & Engineering Library

An increasing number of the products we encounter in our daily lives contain nanomaterials, and even more “conventional” products are made using nanotechnology. What is it about a nanomaterial that makes it different, what is the promise of the emerging field of nanotechnology, and what are the dangers? Professor Sailor, a world-renowned expert in nanotechnology, will provide a general lecture on these issues, providing examples from the fields of medicine, consumer products, and environmental sciences.

Michael J. Sailor is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego. He has Affiliate appointments in the Department of Bioengineering and in the Department of Nanoengineering at UCSD. He holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College and a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Northwestern University. He joined the faculty at the University of California, San Diego in 1990, after post-doctoral appointments at Stanford and Caltech.

Professor Sailor is an expert in nanophase materials, with emphasis on silicon-based photonic systems. Current projects in his research lab at UCSD are directed at problems in nanoparticle-based diagnosis and treatment of disease, optical biosensors, detectors for toxins, pollutants, and biological warfare agents, energy harvesting and storage, and microfluidic systems.  Their research received a recent mention on CNN and was covered in more detail in this UCSD press release.

Please register online at

Light refreshments will be served.

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New UCSD Computer Science Articles

New journal articles and conference papers from the UCSD Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

Beame, P., Impagliazzo, R., Pitassi, T. & Segerlind, N. 2010. Formula Caching in DPLL. ACM Transactions on Computation Theory, 1, 1-33.

Brown, B., Lampe, C., Rodden, K. & Ducheneaut, N. 2010. Models, theories and methods of studying online behaviour. In: Proceedings of the 28th of the International Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 4449-4452.

Caulfield, A. M., Grupp, L. M. & Swanson, S. 2010. Gordon: An Improved Architecture for Data-Intensive Applications. IEEE Micro, 30, 121-130.

Farcas, C., Farcas, E., Krueger, I. H. & Menarini, M. 2010. Addressing the Integration Challenge for Avionics and Automotive Systems-From Components to Rich Services. Proceedings of the IEEE, 98, 562-583.

Irturk, A., Benson, B., Mirzaei, S. & Kastner, R. 2010. GUSTO: An automatic generation and optimization tool for matrix inversion architectures. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 9, 1-21.

Joshi, N., Matusik, W., Adelson, E. H. & Kriegman, D. J. 2010. Personal photo enhancement using example images. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 29, 1-15.

Kundu, S., Lerner, S. & Gupta, R. K. 2010. Translation Validation of High-Level Synthesis. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 29, 566-579.

Micciancio, D. 2010. The RSA Group is Pseudo-Free. Journal of Cryptology, 23, 169-186.

Stepp, M. & Simon, B. 2010. Introductory computing students’ conceptions of illegal student-student collaboration. In: Proceedings of the 41st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 295-299.

Sugihara, R. & Gupta, R. K. 2010. Optimal Speed Control of Mobile Node for Data Collection in Sensor Networks. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 9, 127-139.

Uichin, L., Sewook, J., Dae-Ki, C., Chang, A., Junho, C. & Gerla, M. 2010. P2P content distribution to mobile Bluetooth users. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 59, 356-367.

Weinberger, K. Q., Sha, F. & Saul, L. K. 2010. Convex Optimizations for Distance Metric Learning and Pattern Classification. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 27, 146-158.

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ECE Professor Jack Wolf Elected to NAS

Congratulations to Jack K. Wolf (Electrical & Computer Engineering), one of three UCSD professors elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Wolf is among the 20 newly elected UC faculty (including two foreign associates).

“Jack Keil Wolf works in the area of information theory, and UCSD has one of the strongest – if not the strongest – academic information theory groups in the country,” said Lawrence Larson, professor and chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. “Jack played a big role in building this up; he is at the heart of our historical strength in this field, which now includes the UCSD Information Theory and Applications Center.”

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Chemistry, MAE Faculty Elected to American Academy Arts & Sciences

Congratulations to Professor Kimberly A. Prather (Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry & Scripps Institute of Oceanography) and Professor Forman A. Williams (Dept of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering & Center for Energy & Combustion Research), two of the four UCSD faculty who were just elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

They join 225 leaders in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, business and public policy (including 25 faculty from the other UC’s) as newly elected fellows

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Slides, Audio from Cohen Talk

The slides and audio from Dr. Seth Cohen’s talk, “View from the Top: The Intersection of Science and Policy in the Capital,” are now available on the BML website.

In his presentation Dr. Cohen discussed his year in Washington working as an AAAS Fellow in the Office of Science Technology and Policy (OSTP).

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