NextGen Melvyl

Want to search Melvyl + millions of article citations + books and other materials held elsewhere? Try Next Generation Melvyl.

Let us know what you like and what needs improvement (via the survey or the feedback link in NGM).

(The NextGen Melvyl pilot).


Learn about the patenting process and how to search for patents on the web.

Tips on finding U.S. and international patents on the web

Workshops for UCSD students, faculty and staff on patents and patent searching

Books and Journals in the UCSD Library on patents and patenting

More patent web resources

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SciFinder Web

SciFinder Web is now available. To find out more about registration and creating your SciFinder Web account, logging in, remote access, and the differences between the web and client “download” versions, start here. The SciFinder Scholar client version is still available. UPDATE: New Version of SciFinder Web released Nov 17.

NIH Public Access Policy

Beginning in April, publications arising from NIH-funded research must be made available via PubMed Central. The UCSD Biomedical Library has created a web page to summarize and clarify the policy, and to make it easier to comply. See the page for information on this topic.

When to Use Google Scholar?

Google Scholar provides a fast and easy interface to search for online scholarly resources. However it cannot search many of the hidden scholarly resources. If you do find scholarly materials using Google Scholar, don’t purchase anything without first checking to see if the UCSD Libraries have already subscribed to them. Read more.

Use Library Resources Off Campus

UCSD faculty, students and staff can use our licensed electronic resources off campus. If you use an internet service provider like Road Runner or AT&T, there are two ways to set up your computer so you are recognized as an authorized user. Find out more about setting up your proxy or installing VPN.

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