Springer Open Access Pilot Ends

The UC-Springer Open Access Pilot has ended effective March 1st, 2011. During the two-year pilot negotiated between the California Digital Library (CDL) and Springer, UC-authored articles accepted for publication in 2009 and 2010 in most of the 2,000+ Springer journals were published as open access under Springer’s Open Choice program. Unfortunately, Springer has decided to discontinue this arrangement. Articles published as part of this pilot remain fully accessible through CDL’s eScholarship publishing platform as well as on the Springerlink platform. An assessment of the pilot will be conducted this spring.

UC authors wishing to make their articles freely available to readers will now need to pay to participate in Springer Open Choice or they can submit their work to one of the new open access journals published as part of SpringerOpen. Authors may also wish to consider other open access venues for disseminating their work.

Please feel free to contact Ivy Anderson at the California Digital Library with any questions.

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AIP Advances Launches with First Articles

AIP Advances is a fully open access (no subscription required for any reader), online-only community-based journal, covering all areas of applied physical science, including those topics not currently covered by the existing AIP journals. As an open access journal with advanced web 2.0 tools, the global research community will be able to find, share, evaluate, and discuss scientific research in new ways.

AIP Advances is a publication funded via an author-pays model. Authors publishing manuscripts in AIP Advances retain copyright and grant the publisher a license to publish under a Creative Commons agreement. The pre-publication peer review process focuses on whether the manuscript is technically correct and original. Concepts of ‘timeliness’, ‘significance’, or ‘importance’ are evaluated by the community post publication through the implementation of web 2.0 commenting and ranking tools.

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UCSD Libraries New Mobile Website

The UCSD Libraries now have a new mobile-friendly website that works on most smartphone browsers!  Just point your browser to http://libraries.ucsd.edu/m/

The mobile site features the information you  need on the go – our hours, contact info, directions, as well as several ways to ask us questions and finally a list of research tools from our collections that we’ve tested out on mobile devices.   There is also a link back to the “regular” website, which does work on phone browsers but is more difficult to navigate on the small screen.

Among the research tools: links to mobile-friendly databases IEEE Xplore and PubMed, and links to publisher apps from ACS, AIP, IOP and Nature.

Please note, some of the research tools might not work optimally from all smartphone browsers, and some of them require you to be connected to the UCSD network–especially if you want to access full-text or PDFs of articles.

Please let us know what you think about this new site and if there is additional information you’d like to see from the libraries when you’re using your mobile device.

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New Impact Factors Yield Surprises

Thomson Reuters has released its 2009 Journal Citation Report, [available electronically through the UC San Diego Libraries] cataloging journals’ impact factors, and shuffling in the top few spots has some analysts scratching their heads.
Read more: New impact factors yield surprises – The Scientist – Magazine of the Life Sciences – 21st June 2010 04:00 PM GMT

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UC / Nature Publishing Group

Current information on communications between UC Faculty and Nature Publishing Group is in the News and Issues section of UC’s Reshaping Scholarly Communication website.

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Scientific American Archive (Discontinued)

As of June 1, the UC’s no longer have access to the Scientific American Archive online, the 1993 to date backfile that was on EBSCO.  The collection was pulled by Nature Publishing Group, who then moved the archive to nature.com, and the 10 UC campuses have chosen not to renew through NPG.

  • Selected articles (text, not PDF) are available from 2005 to date in Academic Search Complete. However, this is not perpetually guaranteed access.  If you had search alerts in SAA, you’ll need to recreate those alerts in Academic Search Complete.
  • The S&E Library continues to receive Scientific American in print, and we keep the older volumes onsite.

More information about the SAA discontinuation is available from CDL, and please feel free to contact Deborah Kegel or Teri Vogel if you have any questions.

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SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics [new journal]

New journal from the Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics; access is open to all readers this year; next year it will be part of our SIAM journals subscription package.

The SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics addresses theoretical developments in financial mathematics as well as breakthroughs in the computational challenges they encompass. The journal provides a common platform for scholars interested in the mathematical theory of finance as well as practitioners interested in rigorous treatments of the scientific computational issues related to implementation. On the theoretical side, the journal publishes articles with demonstrable mathematical developments motivated by models of modern finance. On the computational side, it publishes articles introducing new methods and algorithms representing significant (as opposed to incremental) improvements on the existing state of affairs of modern numerical implementations of applied financial mathematics.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters [new journal]

New Journal from the American Chemical Society
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

All new letters on topic areas covered by:

  • Journal of Physical Chemistry A (Dynamics, Clusters, Excited states; Kinetics, Spectroscopy; Atmospheric, Environmental and Green Chemistry; Molecular Structure, Quantum Chemistry, General Theory),
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry B (Macromolecules, Soft Matter; Surfactants, Membranes; Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Medium Effects; Biophysical Chemistry), and
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry C (Nanoparticles and Nanostructures; Surfaces, Interfaces, Catalysis; Electron Transport, Optical and Electronic Devices, Hard Matter; Energy Conversion and Storage)

are now published in one journal.

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New IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IEEE has introduced their new IEEE Xplore Digital Library, with a new interface for improved navigation & functionality, new search engine and better (faceted) results. Personalized options include: search preferences, saved searches, RSS feeds or email alerts. Learn more about the new features, or start searching IEEE Xplore.

Wiley-Blackwell Articles, April 2010 or later, Currently Unavailable

Access to Wiley-Blackwell journal articles with a publication date of March April 2010 or later (even if the article was posted online earlier) is currently unavailable. The California Digital Library and Wiley-Blackwell are currently renegotiating the UC License, and everything up to the end of February will remain turned on while that continues.

If you need an article from in issue with a publication date after February 28 March 31, 2010, please request it using our interlibrary loan form.

If you come across another Wiley e-resource like an encyclopedia that you cannot access, please contact Deborah Kegel or Teri Vogel.

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