New Cambridge Math Journals

UCSD has recently licensed two new math journals from Cambridge University Press:

Please continue to send us your purchase suggestions for new journals, books and e-books.

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New Wiley Chemistry E-Journals

UCSD has recently licensed the following chemistry/chemical engineering journals from Wiley:

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AIP/AVS Journals in IEEE Xplore

While searching IEEE Xplore, you may now see articles from:

These journals are now indexed in IEEE Xplore, but we do not have access to the full-text articles from here. When you click the PDF links for these articles, instead of the articles you will get this:

Users at Subscribing Organizations
Corporate Users – Interested in an AIP subscription for your corporation? Sign up for a free trial.
Academic Users – Does your academic institution already subscribe to this AIP/AVS publication in Scitation? If so, you can get it by clicking……

To get to the articles, which we have via AIP Scitation, click the… URL or the UC-eLinks button on the page.

The UC Berkeley Science & Engineering Libraries Blog has an excellent sample page with those links highlighted.

[h/t: UCB S&E Library Blog]

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Canceling Print ACS Journals

The S&E Library will be canceling the American Chemical Society journals (print only, not online).

Why are we canceling them?

  1. The New Format.  As you may be aware, ACS Publications is moving to a “rotated and condensed” print format for all of their journals except JACS, Accounts of Chemical Research, and Chemical Reviews. More about this decision is available from ACS, as well as in recent articles from Nature and Chronicle of Higher Education.
  2. Pricing. As customers of the ACS Web Editions, we were able to maintain the print subscriptions at a very deep discount. Starting in 2010 ACS will that discountinue that discount, and we cannot pay full price for print  when we are also paying for online as well.


  1. UCSD faculty, students and staff will continue to have online access to all of the ACS journals.
  2. We will continue to have Chemical & Engineering News print and online. ACS is not changing the print format of C&EN. The same goes with Journal of Chemical Education.

If you have any questions, please contact Teri Vogel.

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Triple Helix Issues Available

Copies of the latest issue of The Triple Helix, the journal of the UCSD chapter of The Triple Helix, are currently available at the Science and Engineering Library and the UCSD Biomedical Library.

The Triple Helix is a worldwide, undergraduate, science journal that explores the interdisciplinary nature of science, society, and law. This bi-annual journal is published in 27 chapters all over the world including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Yale, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, and many more.

Pick up your copy of The Triple Helix at S&E or Biomed – while they last – or contact The Triple Helix at for more information.

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UC Libraries & Springer: New Open Access Agreement

The University of California Libraries and Springer Science+Business Media (Springer) have concluded a ground-breaking experimental agreement to support open access publishing by UC authors. The arrangement is part of the journals license negotiated by the California Digital Library on behalf of the ten campuses of the University of California.

Under the terms of the agreement, articles by UC-affiliated authors accepted for publication in a Springer journal beginning in 2009 will be published using Springer Open Choice with full and immediate open access. There will be no separate per-article charges, since costs have been factored into the overall license. Articles will be released under a license compatible with the Creative Commons (by-nc: Attribution, Non-commercial) license. In addition to access via the Springer platform, final published articles will also be deposited in the California Digital Library’s eScholarship Repository.

The University of California-Springer agreement is the first large-scale open access experiment of its type undertaken with a major commercial publisher in North America. “UC faculty have told us that they want open access publishing options in order to increase the impact of their published work and eliminate barriers to educational and research use,” said Ivy Anderson, Director of Collections for the California Digital Library, which licenses content on behalf of the University of California libraries. “Just as importantly, they want these options in the journals in which they routinely publish, without disrupting their normal research activity. The CDL agreement with Springer supports the transformation that our faculty seeks, while continuing the libraries’ crucial role in facilitating access to research information. Springer is a leader among commercial publishers in open access experimentation, making it a natural partner for the University of California in this endeavor.”

An article is eligible for Springer Open Choice if even one of the authors of an article is from UC.
To invoke the Open Choice option, the corresponding or submitting author simply selects a UC campus affiliation from a drop-down box that appears on the acceptance screens that he or she completes once the article has been accepted for publication. Therefore, the submitting author, if not from UC, must know about the program and indicate that one of their co-authors possesses a UC affiliation. This requires that the UC authors be familiar with the pilot and remember to inform their co-authors about the program. A message on the acceptance screen will indicate that the Open Choice option is being made available to them at no charge through an arrangement with the University of California Libraries.

Adds Richard Schneider, Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Director, Parnassus Molecular & Cell Biology Lab at the University of California, San Francisco: “Open access will support faculty aspirations for new modes of journal publishing that facilitate the broad dissemination of ideas and improve public access to taxpayer-funded research. This is a critical time as new models for scholarly communications emerge, and I am excited that the UC Libraries are at the forefront and are playing a key leadership role.”

New ACS, RSC Journals: materials, biometals & quantitative biosciences

Check out the first articles published in new journals from ACS and RSC.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (American Chemical Society) – The new international forum for applied materials science and engineering

Focusing on how newly-discovered materials and interfacial processes can be developed and used for specific applications. Topics include: advanced active and passive electronic/optical materials, coatings, colloids, biomaterials and bio-interfaces, polymer materials, hybrid and composite materials, friction and wear

Integrative Biology (Royal Society of Chemistry) – A new journal of quantitative biosciences from nano to macro

Focusing on biological processes, mechanisms and phenomena through quantitative enabling technologies at the convergence of biology with physics, chemistry, engineering, imaging and informatics. Topics include biochemical gradients to study migration and chemotaxis; nanofluidics to study polymer properties; integrative modelling of molecular, cellular or tissue processes; nanotechnologies, devices and systems for exploring and elucidating biological systems; synthetic biology; biomimetic systems; and high-throughput approaches for systems biology.

Metallomics (Royal Society of Chemistry) – A new journal covering the research fields related to biometals

Covering the research fields related to biometals and is expected to be the core publication for the emerging metallomics community as they strive to fully understand the role of metals in biological, environmental, and clinical systems. Topics include: structural analysis of metallomes including the survey and identification of metalloproteins/enzymes; bioimaging and biosensing of metalsi including analysis of diagnostic and therapeutic radiometals; chemistry of metallomes and metallome models: their structures, functions and mechanisms; certified reference materials for biological and environmental analysis; and chemical evolution of life.

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American Chemical Society – NIH Guidelines

ACS has updated their Author & Reviewer Resource Center to include information about the new NIH guidelines. When the article is accepted, the corresponding author will receive and be asked to complete the NIH Policy Addendum.

For ACS authors whose manuscripts acknowledge research funding support from NIH, the ACS hereby grants to the author the right to provide an electronic copy of the final peer-reviewed manuscript and supporting information to the NIH upon editorial acceptance by the ACS journal as titled above. This grant shall permit public accessibility of the deposited content on the NIH’s PubMed Central database, 12 months after the official date of publication of the final article by ACS.

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Nature Geoscience, Nature Protocols, and backfiles

Two new Nature journals are available to the UCSD community.

Nature Geoscience covers all aspects of earth sciences, including Atmospheric Science, Geochemistry, Geoinformatics, Geophysics, Mineralogy, Planetary Science, Seismology, and Space Physics.

Nature Protocols is an online resource of laboratory protocols, written in a step-by-step “recipe” style so you can immediately apply it to your own research. You can search Nature Protocols by keyword or browse by category: Cheminformatics, Nanotechnology, Spectroscopy, Detection and Probing, Isolation and Purification, Molecular Interactions, Structural Analysis, etc.

We also have added extended backfile access for the flagship Nature journal, now online going back to volume 1, 1869.

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New Wiley Journals: ChemMedChem, etc.

UCSD recently added some new journals from Wiley.

IUBMB Life (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Scanning, The Journal of Scanning Microscopies

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