AGU journals now on Wiley

The American Geophysical Union Digital Library Journals have moved to the Wiley site effective January 2013. There were some difficulties viewing pdfs in JGR, GRL etc. over the past few days, but those issues have been resolved.

Please contact us via UCSD Ask A Librarian if you have additional questions or problems.

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How to get to Springer ebooks and journals

The new platform for Springer e-books, e-journals and reference works is experiencing problems as far as permitting University of California to read all the materials we have purchased/licensed. Here’s what to do to read a book chapter or journal article that asks you to pay instead of opening the pdf:

The workaround is to use the old Springer site.

  1. Click through to the online content on the new platform (from the journal or book record in the UCSD catalog or from UCelinks including article links); the URLs for the new platform all begin with
  2. Click the Access old SpringerLink link in the gray banner on the right side of the screen.
  3. Once at the old platform (the URLs for the old platform all begin with you’ll need to browse or search for the journal title or for the book title.  Use quotes around the title to be more precise.
  4. Once on the journal’s homepage, you should be able to access the online content.

Update- January 2013:
Some of the e-book links in the catalog that ought to go directly to the e-book end up being diverted to the main new Springer site.  For those, just re-enter the book title in the Springer search box.  If the new site doesn’t allow you to open the pdf’s, follow the instructions above to find the e-book on the old SpringerLink site.

Database, E-Book and E-Journal Access Problems

We are experiencing access issues with several electronic resources. All have been reported.

CRCnetBASE frequently moves their titles in and out of the various netBASE collections, including collections the UC’s do not license. If you find a CRCnetBASE book in Roger but cannot access it, please contact us.

McGraw-Hill moved their AccessEngineering content to a new interface, and did not include our IP ranges.  If you access these from Roger, you’ll be sent to a “temporarily unavailable” page.

Wifi access for the ACS journals is acting up because of changes made to that IP range. Running VPN on your laptop is a temporary fix, but one that will work. (Installation instructions for Mac and PC).

If you have questions, or come across an access problem with another resource, please contact Deborah Kegel (



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IMechEng journals & proceedings Available again

Our UCSD-subscriber access to the various Proceedings A through P journals from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has been restored. Thank you for your patience as we worked with Sage MetaPress to resolve the problem.

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Having trouble finding books, journals in S&E?

This summer, we are reducing S&E’s on-campus book and journal collection by moving selected materials offsite if they are: lesser-used, available online, or if enough copies are already held in the UC system. This project will also free up needed space as the Libraries reorganize and consolidate the collections in the Geisel building, including the ones being relocated here because of branch closures. 

As these items are moved, it will take a while for the information in the library catalogs (Roger and Melvyl) to be updated.

If you need S&E Annex books with a Roger or Melvyl status of unavailable, or S&E books with a Roger or Melvyl status of withdrawn:

  • Request a copy from another library, using either Circuit (from another San Diego universities) or Melvyl (from another UC library). You’ll see links for both to the right on the page for that book’s catalog record.

If you need an article from a journal that should be on the shelf, but most or all of the volumes are gone:

And if you have trouble finding the books or journals you need, please come to the S&E Service Desk or call [858] 534-3258 for assistance.

Comments and suggestions? Contact Mary Linn Bergstrom, Head, Science & Engineering Library: [858] 534-1214 or

IEEE Xplore Access Problems: VPN and Wifi

We have received reports from users having problems access IEEE Xplore: off-campus using VPN as well as on-campus using the UCSD-Protected wifi.  Off-campus access is working with the proxy, and we’ve received no reports of problems with computers on the wired network (desktops).

If you are having trouble with IEEE Xplore, please contact Deborah Kegel ( immediately. We also need this the following information in order to isolate the problem:

  • Are you off-campus, using VPN or proxy?
  • Are you on-campus, using the Protected wireless on your laptop, or on desktop in your office or computer lab?
  • What is the IP address of the computer?  You can use to get this.
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ASME online journal access back

ASME online journals have had UCSD access restored. We apologize for any inconvenience the lack of a week’s access has caused you.

Remember UCSD grad students, faculty & research staff may request articles scanned from older print found in the SIO and S&E Libraries, not only from our ASME journals, but from conference proceedings and other journals without online access. For eligibility criteria, see our Avanti desktop services page.

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New CRCnetBASE interface, and broken links in Roger

As of February 15, 2010, the CRCnetBASEs have a new single interface for all of the collections except CHEMnetBASE (CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, Combined Chemical Dictionary, etc.). You can see the new interface at Although the new interface appears to resolve many of the problems that occurred when users access the full text chapters, University of California users will currently experience the following behavior:

  • Any links that used to go directly to a specific netBASE collection are now directed to the single home page shown above. The one exception is CHEMnetBASE, which continues as in the past. The CHEMnetBASE page will undergo some updating, but current plans are for CHEMnetBase to remain on its own separate domain.
  • The new home page lists all CRCnetBASE collections and titles, both what we have licensed and what we have not. When looking at the chapter level, chapters in licensed titles have green checks to the left and chapters in non-licensed titles have locks. It is possible when searching to specify to ‘Search Full Access Content Only’ to restrict search results to licensed content; however, it is not the default.
  • Many or all URLs to CRCnetBASE books have been changed as part of this migration and are not being redirected to their new location. As a result, this has broken the links from our library catalog to the individual books.

CDL is working to resolve these issues. We will continue checking over the new interface and welcome any assistance. If you find additional problems or have questions, please contact Deborah Kegel,

Wiley-Blackwell Articles, April 2010 or later, Currently Unavailable

Access to Wiley-Blackwell journal articles with a publication date of March April 2010 or later (even if the article was posted online earlier) is currently unavailable. The California Digital Library and Wiley-Blackwell are currently renegotiating the UC License, and everything up to the end of February will remain turned on while that continues.

If you need an article from in issue with a publication date after February 28 March 31, 2010, please request it using our interlibrary loan form.

If you come across another Wiley e-resource like an encyclopedia that you cannot access, please contact Deborah Kegel or Teri Vogel.

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UC-elinks restored for Web of Science, INSPEC

The gold UC-eLinks button has been fixed for the ISI databases, including Web of Science and INSPEC. If you still see the words “Context Sensitive Links”, you may need to clear your browser cache to make the button re-appear.

If that doesn’t work, please contact the Science & Engineering Library (534-3258 or so we can assist you.

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