EndNote patch for Importing 2010 References

There is a known issue for EndNote 8 – X2 users where the year may be missing on imported 2010 references. A patch is already available for X2, and they’re currently working on patches for the older versions. Until then, you can manually update these records or try the global update option outlined on the page.

This does not affect EndNote X3 users.

(h/t: BML)

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UC Chem Software Site: Access Restored

Access to the UC Chemistry Software site has been restored.

http://software.chem.ucla.edu/, host to the UC distribution site for downloading SciFinder, CrossFire and the Cambridge Structural Database–and to register for SciFinder Web–is currently unavailable.  Unfortunately we do not know when access will be restored.

If you have any questions, or want to be contacted when the site is back up, please email tmvogel@ucsd.edu.

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ACS Journals Website – Access Problems (Update)

Update: CDL has contacted ACS and we think the proxy blocking has been resolved. We are continuing to monitor this, so please contact us if you have problems getting to the articles.

We have received reports from users who are unable to access the American Chemical Society Journals website, instead getting a message: client IP is blocked because session duration longer than 480 minutes. ACS recently migrated the journal content to a new website, and several other campuses are reporting similar problems (particularly with proxy access).

If you get blocked from their site, please contact me (tmvogel@ucsd.edu) and include in the message whether you were on/off-campus, using wireless/proxy/VPN, and your IP address if possible. We have contacted ACS and hope to get this resolved soon.

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Mac Users & Science Direct

We have been receiving scattered reports from Mac users who are having problems accessing Science Direct articles in Safari (and in one case, Firefox). Science Direct does not list Safari as a supported browser, but there have been no problems until now.

We’re trying to figure out what’s going on, but for now we recommend:

  1. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Sounds strange, but some users have reported back that this fixed the problem.
  2. Switching to Firefox for the Science Direct articles.

If you still cannot get into Science Direct, please let us know.

Wiley Journals Unavailable June 28-29

This weekend, the Wiley InterScience website (including access to the Wiley encyclopedias and journals like Angewandte Chemie Intl Edition and Advanced Materials) will be unavailable, so the Blackwell journal content can be moved over to the Wiley site. As of Monday, all of our licensed Blackwell journals will be available on the Wiley InterScience platform.

Knovel – New Interface, and problems

Last week, Knovel released a new interface (the old www.knovel.com URL now redirects to the new site, as do the links in Roger for all the Knovel titles).

    Major Changes:

  • The new site defaults to Basic Search, with the actual search box in the upper left. The Fielded Search is the advanced search where you can use the drop-down menus to search by keyword or property. The Browse tab will bring up the familiar list of subject areas that you can click to bring up lists of titles, as well as view new titles, titles with productivity tools, etc. User Preferences is not yet available.
  • The “Search Within This Title” feature has disappeared. We have already contacted Knovel about bringing it back.

There have been some performance issues with the new interface, though most of them appear to be resolved as of March 2. However, please contact support@knovel.com if you experience any problems using Knovel, such as:

  • The redirect to the new site takes too long.
  • You get error messages when you try to access tables and graphs identified in your search results.
  • You lose your list of relevant pages, tables and graphs while navigating through the list of titles that came up in your search, and instead get the full table of contents for those titles.

Please contact the S&E Library if you have questions about using Knovel or other science/engineering resources.

ILL/Melvyl Requests

If you request materials using Melvyl or Citation Linker over the holidays while off-campus, you may experience technical difficulties. The UCSD proxy server cannot process these requests correctly and it may not be fixed until January 2. If you’re using VPN instead of the proxy to access library resources, you should have no problems.

Alternate ways to send in your requests over the break:

And not matter how we get your requests, they will be processed in the order received when we reopen on Wednesday, January 2.

SciFinder / UC-eLinks Problem

Currently, UC-eLinks is not working with SciFinder Scholar. When you try to connect to the full-text article from SciFinder, you get to CAS’ ChemPort page that may provide a link to the article. If the link works and you can get to the article…great. If not, then go back to Roger and search for the journal to see if we have it online and/or in print.

The problem has been reported to CDL.

S&E ACS PCs Available (but)

…. some software (notably Matlab, SciFinder Scholar and Beilstein) have not yet been installed.


For those having sporadic problems accessing OVID INSPEC, we think we have a solution. In your browser’s internet settings, go and delete the cookies. Today this approach worked for S&E computers with Netscape and IE that had Ovid access problems since Thursday.

The older workaround is to use another browser (or a colleague’s computer down the hall). If none of these works, call the S&E Reference Desk at x43258 or email science@library.ucsd.edu so that we can help you find the information you need.

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