Research Guides: New and Updated

Need to start your research?  We have guides to get you started on locating books (plus e-books), journal articles, encyclopedias, data and more for your subject. Each guide also includes the contact information for your librarian.

We also have guides for more specialized topics:

plus guides for particular courses like CHEM 105, CHEM 143ABC, BENG 100, MAE 154, and SE 2.

ChemDraw App for iPad

This week, PerkinElmer (formerly CambridgeSoft) released the first ChemDraw app for iPad.  You can purchase it from the iTunes store for $10.

Some early comments about the app:

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BrowZine Trial – Browse journals on your iPad

Have an iPad?  Help the Library evaluate a new research tool that is being considered for possible subscription.

The UC Libraries have set up a trial for BrowZine, an iPad app that lets you create a “bookshelf” of your favorite journals. Browse tables of contents, read articles, and send to EndNote, Zotero, Dropbox or whatever app you use to organize and manage your papers.

If you want to give it a test spin, search for “BrowZine” in the App Store and download the app for free; when initially launching BrowZine, select UC San Diego from the drop down list.

  • This trial ends April 30, 2013.
  • We would appreciate your feedback while we consider subscribing to this service.  After trying BrowZine, please fill out this short survey.

More information about BrowZine:

  • Introductory video
  • Included and soon-to-be included publishers
  • Recent review in Chronicle of Higher Education, with iPad screencaps of BrowZine in action
  • The CDL page about the trial, with a list of known issues

Local Patents

Local Patents is a new patent mapping site produced by FreePatentsOnline. It overlays inventor and assignee city information from US patent data onto a Google map. Try it out. Colored circles display the number of patents in a given geographic area – purple circles represent a high number, with red, orange, yellow and green representing smaller numbers. You can zoom in on your city and eventually get to a list of patent titles issued in your area.

local patents - resized 398x202

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New Synthesis Lectures: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

New titles from the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science are now available. These 50-100 page lecture-sized books, written by experts in their respective fields, provide more depth and analysis (and even accessibility) than journal articles.

Titles listed by Lecture Series:

Synthesis Lectures on Engineering

Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing

Synthesis Lectures on Algorithms and Software in Engineering

Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems

Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics — new series

Synthesis Lectures in Computer Architecture

Synthesis Lectures in Mathematics and Statistics

Synthesis Lectures on Computational Electromagnetics

Synthesis Lectures on Speech and Audio Processing

Synthesis Lectures in Computer Graphics and Animation

2008 UC Payroll Data

Looking for the official UC payroll data for 2008?  The printed book set from UCOP is in Geisel Library, held at the Social Sciences & Humanities (not S&E) Circulation Desk. The volumes can be checked out for 4 hours. The UCSD data is in volumes 10-11.

Payroll data from 2007 is online at various locations including the SacBee, but we don’t know when/if they will add the 2008 data.

More information about the release of this data is available as a campus flyer.

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Triple Helix Issues Available

Copies of the latest issue of The Triple Helix, the journal of the UCSD chapter of The Triple Helix, are currently available at the Science and Engineering Library and the UCSD Biomedical Library.

The Triple Helix is a worldwide, undergraduate, science journal that explores the interdisciplinary nature of science, society, and law. This bi-annual journal is published in 27 chapters all over the world including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Yale, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, and many more.

Pick up your copy of The Triple Helix at S&E or Biomed – while they last – or contact The Triple Helix at for more information.

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2007 Impact Factors Available

The 2007 JCR (Journal Citation Reports), Science Edition, is now available at the UCSD Biomedical Library. This is a print copy that is kept on reserve. If you need impact factors for a few journals, just contact the Biomedical Library.

[h/t: BML]

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Journal Citation Reports (2006)

The Biomedical Library has received the 2006 JCR Science Edition, which they’ll keep on reserve. If you need a few impact factors, call the BML Reference Desk at 858/534-1201 or send an email to

[h/t: BML]

Check Out Our Information Technology Resources

The UCSD Science & Engineering Library is a valuable resource for both the amateur and seasoned systems administrator. We have created a page highlighting virtual reference tools from the S&E Library, including e-journals, article databases and dictionaries compiled from Sage, UCSD Libraries’ collection of electronic resources, with a focus on resources relevant to information technology professionals. Check it out:

Information Technology Resource Page

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