Directory of Grad Research (ACS)

American Chemical Society’s Directory of Graduate Research is now free online, with major enhancements to improve searching. This is an excellent resource for undergrads who want to identify potential graduate programs.

DGRweb is ACS’s searchable database of US/Canada graduate research instututions and faculty in chemistry and chemical engineering. You can search institutions or faculty by name or location. Additional faculty searches include research area, gender, academic rank and keyword searching on specific research and theses.

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J Air & Waste Mgmt Assn (new journal)

We now have a print subscription to Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. You can check the Roger record for available issues (Call number: TD1 .J68).

Online access to the most journal articles is still available through Expanded Academic, although they’re about 2 months behind the print. Eligible faculty and students can use our Avanti service to get desktop delivery of articles that we now have in print but not yet online.

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Environmental Chemistry (new journal)

Environmental Chemistry is now available. It’s a new journal addressing all aspects of chemistry of the environment: atmospheric chemistry, (bio)geochemistry, marine and freshwater chemistry, polar chemistry, fire chemistry, interstellar chemistry, soil chemistry, climate change, chemical toxicology, and green chemistry.

  • Print: S&E Library Current Journals (QD1 E38302)

  • Online: remote access for UCSD faculty/staff/students only

An RSS feed is also available if you want to use your reader or aggregator to keep up with the new articles as they’re posted.

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MRS Symposia Proceedings (New)

Full text of papers from Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings is now available to UCSD academics, students and staff. Over 13,000 papers are available online starting with volumes 537 and 552, Fall 1998 meeting, with more recent volumes posted frequently.
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Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (New)

Issue #1 of the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry is now available. It will cover all aspects of organic chemistry.

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry is published by the Beilstein-Institut in co-operation with BioMed Central. The content is open access; that means it is freely and universally accessible online, it is archived in at least one internationally recognized free-access repository, and its authors retain copyright, allowing anyone to reproduce or disseminate articles, according to the copyright and licence agreement. The Beilstein-Institut is committed to improving communication among chemists and will support the journal financially, including the publishing costs, to enable the journal to be open access without charge to the authors.

E-mail alerts and an RSS feed are also available to keep up with newly posted articles.

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Key Engineering Materials & Materials Science Forum (New)

UCSD has online access to 2 titles from TransTech Publications:
Key Engineering Materials and Materials Science Forum.

Online access is back to 1989 and supplements our print volumes which ended with 1993. We will also be receiving the print volumes for 2005- onward.
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Soft Matter & Molecular BioSystems (new journals)

New Journals from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Soft Matter. The print issues are currently attached to Journal of Materials Chemistry and will be shelved soon.

Molecular Biosystems. The print issues are currently attached to Chem Comm and will be shelved soon.
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New IEEE Journal for 2005

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

Another journal, IEEE Journal of Display Technology, will be begin later this year. IEEE also announced 5 new journals for 2006.
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MRS Bulletin online

Read the MRS Bulletin from the Materials Research Society. Online issues from v. 25, no. 3, March 2000 to present are available from all UCSD computers.

Coming later this year – MRS Proceedings online – so you won’t have to find the navy blue print conference proceedings volumes in the S&E stacks for the years 1998 onward. If you have recommendations for specific electronic or print books, journals or conference proceedings, please fill out the Purchase Recommendation Form or contact your S&E Subject Specialist.

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PLoS Computational Biology (New Journal)

Issue #1 of PLoS Computational Biology is now available. Philip E. Bourne, UCSD Dept. Pharmacology, is the Editor-in-Chief

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