Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (new journal)

New in 2005 from the American Chemical Society, the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation publishes papers reporting new theories, methodology, and/or important applications in quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, and statistical mechanics.

S&E will also have the journal in print; the first issue will be shelved with the current journals shortly (call number to be determined, but definitely in the QD 1’s).

In other ACS-related news, Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences is now Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, to “better reflect the evolving contents of the Journal, while still emphasizing the Journal’s preeminent position in chemical informatics.”

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Computing Reviews online

UCSD now subscribes to ACM’s Computing Reviews (CR). Use this excellent source for access to current research, theory and applications in all subdisciplines of computing at . CR compiles expert, unbiased critical reviews of current publications of note in computing.

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ASM Handbooks Online

USCD now has access to the ASM Handbooks Online. The collection can be browsed or searched (use the Advanced Search option).

  • Engineered Materials Handbook, Desk Edition
  • Metals Handbook, Desk Edition
  • ASM (Metals) Handbook: 21 volumes, including “Alloy Phase Diagrams,” “Fatigue and Structure,” and “Mechanical Testing and Evaluation.
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SIAM (math) and Wiley General Chemistry Backfiles

As of January 2005, UCSD now has access to LOCUS, the SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) journal archives, covering 1952/3-1996. That’s approximately 14,000 articles, about 285,000 pages, and more than 250,000 reference links for 17 journals.

The Wiley InterScience Chemistry Backfile Collection, launched in November 2004, contains more than 170 years of digitized back-issue content across 11 leading journal titles. The collection provides a backfile resource for core research across the discipline of chemistry, and includes full coverage, back to inaugural issues, of seminal titles, including the Journal of Computational Chemistry, Journal für Praktische Chemie (now known as Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis), Helvetica Chimica Acta, and Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie.

All journal records in Roger and in Sage have been updated to reflect the years available to UC campuses.

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Over 100 Years of Engineering & Physics Citations

COMPENDEX (Engineering Index) has a new location and archive back to 1884. Search COMPENDEX via Engineering Village and multiply your research results with cross-searching of CRC’s ENGnetBASE and 2 major patent databases.

The INSPEC (Science Abstracts) archive for the years 1898-1968 is available for research in physics, electronics, electrical engineering, computers and control engineering.
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Search Web of Science back to 1955

UCSD has purchased access to 20 additional years of the Web of Science database.
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Annual Reviews Backfiles

We have completed the purchase of Annual Reviews backfiles giving us access to the complete online backfile of all Annual Reviews publications back to volume 1 of each title.

Physical Sciences:
Astronomy and Astrophysics v.1- (1963- )
Biomedical Engineering – No change
Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure v.1- (1972- )
Computer Science v.1-4 (1986-1990)
Earth and Planetary Sciences v.1- (1973- )
Environment and Resources v.1- (1976- )
Fluid Mechanics v.1- (1969- )
Materials Research v.1- (1971- )
Nuclear and Particle Science v.1- (1952- )
Physical Chemistry v.1- (1950- )

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Web of Science released New Version

ISI released a new version of Web of Science (Science Citation Index) this week that is streamlined, easier to use, and has several new features.
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SPIE Digital Library

SPIE Proceedings and four SPIE journals from 1988 to present can be read at your desktop from, the SPIE Digital Library.
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Royal Society of Chemistry Online Archive

UCSD now has access to the backfiles of more than 200,000 original articles published from 1841 to 1996 from the Chemical Society of London (now known as the Royal Society of Chemistry).
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