Chancellor Fox wins National Medal of Science

Congratulations to UCSD Chancellor and chemistry professor Marye Anne Fox, one of this year’s National Medal of Science recipients,

for seminal contributions to chemistry by elucidating the role that non-homogeneous environments can exert on excited-state processes, and enhancing our understanding of charge-transfer reactions and their application to such fields as polymers, solar energy conversion, and nanotechnology. (NSF)

Administered by the National Science Foundation for the White House, the National Medal of Science honors individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to science and engineering. Nominees are selected by a committee of presidential appointees based on their advanced knowledge in, and contributions to, the biological, behavioral/social and physical sciences, as well as chemistry, engineering, computing and mathematics.”

Chancellor Fox and the other winners (including UCSF’s Stanley Prusiner) will be honored at a White House ceremony, when they will receive their medals from President Obama.

White House Press Release
San Diego Union-Tribune

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