How can I access ChemDraw?


At S&E, we get this question quite often. And there have been some recent changes to access, so it’s a good time for how-to post.

If you have an active Single Sign-On account and your UCSD’s Payroll and Personnel (PPS) record indicates that you are in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, you can download ChemBioOffice through their website. If you have questions about your status, please contact the Department.

However, if you are:

  • an undergraduate chemistry major,
  • a chemistry graduate student who doesn’t meet the SSO/PPS criteria above,
  • or anyone else on campus: faculty, staff and students,

you can still get to ChemBioOffice.

  1. You can purchase a ChemBioOffice license for $50 from ACMS. They haven’t updated their ordering site yet, but you can send an email to The license can only be purchased with an index number.
  2. ChemBioOffice is installed on the ACMS computers in NSB 2303 and in Geisel Library, 2nd floor East Wing (Labs GL 2095 and GL 2098).
  3. Students can also access ChemBioOffice on their own computer through the pilot ACMS Virtual Computing Lab. You’ll need to register for access, then download the VMWare View Client so you can login and connect. There’s also a VMWare View app for iPads.
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