Comprehensive Biophysics (new)

This year, we added Science Direct’s (Elsevier) Comprehensive Biophysics to our collection of online science and engineering reference works.

Comprehensive Biophysics provides definitive introductions to a broad array of topics, uniting different areas of biophysics research – from the physical techniques for studying macromolecular structure to protein folding, muscle and molecular motors, cell biophysics, bioenergetics and more. The result is this comprehensive scientific resource – a valuable tool both for helping researchers come to grips quickly with material from related biophysics fields outside their areas of expertise, and for reinforcing their existing knowledge.

Volumes and sample chapters:

  1. Biophysical Techniques for Structural Characterization of Macromolecules РX-Ray Crystallography: Crystallization; Solid State NMR Methods; Computation of Structure, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics of Proteins; Optical Spectroscopy; Fluorescence and FRET: Theoretical Concepts 101
  2. Biophysical Techniques for Characterization of Cells – Confocal Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy; Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy; The Basics and Potential of Single-Molecule Tracking in Cellular Biophysics
  3. The Folding of Proteins and Nucleic Acids – Energetics of Protein Folding; Chaperones and Protein Folding; Protein Switches; The Folding of Repeat Proteins; Effect of Protein Binding on RNA Folding
  4. Molecular Motors and Motility – Mechanical Properties of Actin Networks; Myosin Motors: Structural Aspects and Functionality; Spectroscopic Probes of Muscle Proteins; Kinesin Structure and Biochemistry; Viral DNA Packaging Motors
  5. Membranes – Biophysics of Membranes; Lipid Bilayer Structure; Atomic Force Microscopy and Electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins; Membrane Recruitment of Signaling Domains; Biophysics of Membrane Fusion; Computer Simulation of Membrane Dynamics
  6. Channels – Gating Dynamics of the Potassium Channel Pore; Biophysics of TRP Channels; Biophysics of Ceramide Channels
  7. Cell Biophysics – Biophysics of Cell-Matrix Adhesion; Biophysics of Bacterial Cell Growth and Division; Biophysics of Nuclear Organization and Dynamics; Bacterial Organization in Space and Time
  8. Bioenergetics – Ion Electrochemical Gradients, Roles and Measurements; Electron Transfer Chains: Structures, Mechanisms and Energy Coupling; Light Capture in Photosynthesis; Structural and Mechanistic Aspects of Mitochondrial Transport Proteins
  9. Simulation and Modelling – New Technologies for Molecular Dynamics Simulations; G Protein Coupled Receptors; Molecular Electrostatics and Solvent Effects; Modeling of Interaction Networks in the Cell; Systems Immunology: A Primer for Biophysicists
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